Preparatory study of a bio and phyto soil remediation experimental and participative space located in a heritage classified monument

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Présentation du projet The REMEDSPACE project is based in the Citadelle of Marseille, a heritage classified monument build in 1664 above the Old Harbour in the city center.
The project ambition is to consider pollution in its green spaces supposed to be open to the public as an opportunity to inform and support citizens, professionals, and public entities about nature-based solutions, with an academic, participative and artistic approach. 1.Round table during the European Heritage Days to inform public and professionals about bio- and phytoremediation. 2. Students long term scientific and participative project kick off End of sept to Dec 3. Coconstruction with scientists, citizens, public and private entities of a future non profit organization dedicated to support nature-based pollution management. 4. Artistic residency and worksshops with stakeholders to propose a sensitive approach.
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